Trainings, Workshops & Enablement

Our Training, Workshop & Enablement Program is inseparable and plays an important role within our Customer Strategy. Our years of experiences have given us the ability to offer CRM and CX training to companies that need to deepen relevant skills and tools in handling difficult situations, dealing with customers and ensuring business interactions are positive and run effectively.

CRM Training
There is more to CRM training than meets the eye. Through a 2-day in-class training, we will arm you with a top-to-bottom CRM guidelines; from identifying the dynamic customers and what influences them, understanding the difference between influencers and advocates, mastering the successful community management, updating you with the latest CRM technology; to gaining success on search engines and social web content writings.

CX Training
To provide you a solid foundation for managing customer experience, we present our in-depth CX training that will keep you enlightened about CX-related matters, such as: the skill on cultivating a customer-focused culture, the know-how on new processes and tools to improve customer experience, designing and implementing voice of customer programs, customer journey mapping, identifying CX metrics to define a CX strategy.

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