Low-Code/No-Code Technology

Be a no-code technology based company, to empower your employees automating workflows and build business applications in few clicks and minutes.

Developing apps using no-code platform allows software engineers and non-technical users to build applications and automate workflows through visual modelling tools and configuration. It will speed up the development of applications compared to traditional development approach. This will make companies to innovate faster and resolve IT bottlenecks.

By utilizing easy-to-use yet powerful no-code platform for end-to-end application development, including tools for UI/UX design, AI (Artificial Intelligent)/Machine Learning (ML) modelling, and built-in automated QA, no-code empowers your employees to become a proficient software developer without needed to learn on how to code. The users of no-code platforms with no technical skills; i.e., citizen developers, are able to build a variety of applications without using code. Pre-built drag-and-drop components, visual workflows automation tools and intuitive configurations wizards are available to use. Users can also easily reuse previously created applications as composable functional blocks.

Creatio Studio Low-Code
No-Code Technology

Creatio Studio is a leading all-in-one low-code/no-code platform that allows you to create applications and automate workflow and processes. The platform contains no-code tools for end-to-end enterprise automation, including highly customizable UI/UX and data models, application design and lifecycle management, process and workflow automation, integration, governance and access right management, AI and machine learning and other features.
With Creatio Studio, anyone can start using it without any coding skill, just be familiar with the platform and get ready to use it to their full advantage.
Creatio Studio Low-Code No-Code Features:
  • Visual App Design Tools
  • Workflow automation
  • Out-of-the-box apps and components
  • Application lifecycle management
  • Integrations and ecosystem
  • AI and machine learning

AI and Machine Learning

Streamline decision making and increase your efficiency
by utilizing powerful yet simple AI/ML models. Configure
your AI use cases with no limits and no-code.

machine learning

Unlimited no-code

Streamline your business operations with seamless REST and SOAP integration in minutes.


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