Customer Experience Strategy & Design

These days, customers have the power, not the sellers. How customers engage with us on their buying journey—from marketing, sales, customer service and everything in between—is what really matters to them. This is when Customer Experience (CX) plays an essential part in your business, because a happy customer is likely to become a loyal customer who can help you boost revenue, grow brand awareness and be the advocates for your business.

Let us help you plan and develop a CX Strategy & Design that’s not only strategies & set of actions, but also the one that targets feelings. Something that your customer will remember the way they feel about your brand, something that makes your customers feel connected to their favorite brand, something that keeps them coming back to you.

Our CX Blueprint will cover on important strategies such as:

  • CX Maturity Model Result and Gap Analysis: At the early stage, we will help you identify where your CX begins and what to focus on your CX journey. This is an important step to assess your development level, determine where improvement is needed, and help map out future goals to transform your CX strategy into something that delights customers.
  • CX Vision, Mission & Strategy Recommendation: Forming a vision is a vital step in improving developing CX strategy. We will help you provide a specific CX vision and mission so that everyone within the organization can easily understand the common goal.
  • CX Journey Design: In developing CX Journey, we will start by reviewing the goals, gathering research, defining channels and touchpoints, creating an empathy map, sketching the CX journey, refining and digitalizing it before we finally sharing and putting it in use.
  • Customer & Employee Engagement Design and CX Organization Structure: For a faultless CX plan, we will help develop a structure for you to form a team that consists of professionals who will ensure a successfull implementation of CX Strategy & Design within the organization.
  • Enabling Technology: Since we believe that technology is a fundamental pillar of CX Design; to create the ability to communicate more efficiently with customers, gain more valuable insight into what customers need and prefer, so you can dramatically improve how customers feel towards your brand.
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